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Ana Loiselle is a certified relationship specialist, author and professional speaker who specializes in helping people change their lives and improve important relationships.

In addition to her private practice, Ana is a highly sought-after speaker, known for her life- transforming seminars for both lay and professional audiences including universities, religious organizations, professional organizations, and community agencies.

Her now very popular brain-based program The Marriage Rescue Course™ has saved hundreds of relationships. People from all walks of life schedule private phone  and in person sessions with Ana and seek her help by joining the The Marriage Rescue Course™.

Ana has been a featured expert on NBC, UPublic, and the Fox Network. She is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs.

Ana is a graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute, was the CEO of one of the Top-200 Fastest Growing Businesses in the US, and a former two time World-Champion Morgan Horse rider. She resides in Ft Myers, FL.


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For thousands of years, philosophers, poets, mystics, and ordinary people have wondered about the human love experience: What is the nature of, and what causes, all those sensations, thoughts, feelings, desires, and sense of “love?”

The modern sciences of psychology and neurology have been slowly but surely establishing a body of knowledge about the mind and how it works in relationships. This emerging “interpersonal neurobiology” is in its infancy.

That said, these are very exciting times, since enough information has emerged to begin connecting some of the major dots, shedding real light on questions like these:

How might my mind impact my ability to be in a successful marriage? What is happening in my mind/brain when I feel upset with my spouse? What’s going on in my spouse's mind when sh/e is frustrated. Why does our minds take over in a heated argument? What are scientifically-validated methods for activating the brain states that support a positive, healthy and happy marriage?


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