Will we ever stop fighting?

Are you frustrated with your communication and tired of all the fighting? Find out how to stop the battles, finally be heard and have peace at home. In this 8 week program I share essential skills you both need in order to be heard, understood and easily handle any issues, disagreements or painful situations and empower you to build the marriage you really want.

Should I stay or go?

This coaching is for individuals or couples who find themselves in a less than satisfying relationship and are trying to decide to stay or go. Together, we'll get to the bottom of your relationship troubles. I will help you get crystal clear about what you need to do to make the relationship work… or feel at peace about your decision to move on.

Can I save our marriage?

Wondering if Your Marriage Will Last? Are you standing at a crossroads in your relationship? If you aren’t sure what – if anything – will repair your marriage… don’t despair. You’re not alone…AND your situation is not hopeless! There is optimism with my Rescue My Marriage Now!™ Program.