Ana's Personal Story

Ana Loiselle, Certified Relationship Specialist

HI! I am Ana Loiselle. My struggle began as a young child in a dysfunctional home, barely able to understand what was happening and why.

As an adult, I continued to experience fighting, blaming, and way too many ups and downs in my relationships. My marriage was, ultimately, a sad one. We needed communication and conflict resolution help that simply wasn’t available at that time. Sure, there was therapy, and we tried it, but the harsh truth is that 80 percent of couples in therapy don’t make it.

Not long after our therapy attempts, we were nothing more than a statistic… and I was in very deep despair. Ultimately, after my denial dissolved, I realized it wasn’t about changing my partner or finding a better one—it was about CHANGING me!

Once I was able to pull myself out of bed, shower regularly and pick up all the empty ice cream containers, I began to realize that something inside of me was shifting. I couldn’t stop thinking about helping others in my situation. Although my marriage couldn’t be saved, perhaps I could find a way to help other drowning unions. I swapped ice cream for research… and I’ve never looked back.

Little did I know I was about to develop a new, burning passion and, ultimately, career. My life became an ongoing search for BETTER approaches to managing conflict and staying connected in relationships. I threw myself into research and higher education, determined to help solve relationship struggles, communication problems and assist couples in saving their marriages. My primary influences: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, and Non-Violent Communication. Combining this research with mine, I created a highly effective, comprehensive approach to helping couples have HEALTHY and happy relationships.

Bottom line: This stuff works. I’ve spent years testing and perfecting it with my clients, many of whom were so unhappy and dysfunctional that they, to most, seemed absolutely doomed. Guess what? They weren’t. I helped make the seemingly-impossible possible. If I can help them, I can help you! Anyone can learn to have a HAPPY and mutually satisfying relationship; of this, I’m 100 percent certain.

For the past six years, I’ve had the good fortune to live my dream: I have helped hudreds of couples move into what has been for most a new landscape of respectful-loving.  More than 90 percent of the couples who work with me are able to make changes and to show improvement and growth in their marriage. I think it’s fair to say that progress can be measured by changes in your ability to better control what YOU do and what you say.